5 ways to build lasting relations with your customers

1. Increase customer satisfaction

In highly competitive markets creating lasting relations with clients is the key to success. Building strong bonds and clear communication with many customers simultaneously can be demanding. Yet, great results can be achieved by applying the right digital solutions.

Out of many currently available options, solutions like mobile booking or ordering apps and online reservation systems will most likely be convenient both for you and your customers. You can easily manage orders or appointments, while your client gets unobtrusive push notifications and SMS reminders about the status of their order, shipping or upcoming visit to your salon. 

Using the right communication tools will ensure the customer isn’t lost at any step of your process. On the other hand, when confusion on the buyer’s journey arises, it usually requires applying additional resources and more work on your side. In many cases this may lead to customer dissatisfaction and losing the order. So anticipate most common issues and provide frictionless communication ahead. 

article_customer_relations_statisfactionConsumers want to keep track of their orders and appointments 

2. Ensure great customer experience

The statistics show that 73% of companies with above-average customer experience perform better financially than their competitors. So unless you establish good relations and communicate your brand properly, customers will quickly forget about your business and possibly go to a competitor next time. To build memorable experiences you must improve customer interaction and engagement. How to do it? You should act in an organised way.

The first step is to create a client database and then apply it in a smart CRM system. Such a system helps to make sure that everyone in your team is on the same page. This is important in establishing high customer service standards. What is more, CRM provides useful information about your buyer personas (types of customers) which can help you better understand their needs. 

Once you have a customer relationships management tool you are able to utilise these acquired insights to automate the communication process. At the same time, you will stay close to your customers by sending them personalised emails and messages. People like being treated like people, not orders. Humanise the business-consumer interaction by addressing your clients by their names and use friendly language and style of writing. 

article_customer_relations_experienceCustomers choose brands that offer personalised experiences 

3. Build customer loyalty

Enhance your customer relations by adding extra value. With an efficient booking app, customer database and CRM in place, you can introduce personalised discounts. Unique offers and loyalty programs can be based on customer profile or location. Returning customers and frequent buyers should be the core target of your sales and marketing efforts. 

Retaining customers is always a challenge but with engaging incentives, you get a better chance to build a long-lasting brand loyalty for your business. Your loyalty rewards can include discounts, promo codes, access to limited products or services, free shipping, vouchers, entries for special events and many others. Just make sure the benefits you offer resonate with your consumers. 

Taking care of customer needs and expectations also opens up new possibilities to up-sell and cross-sell your products and services. Once you become a brand of choice, customers will feel more confident to trust you with further purchases and your supplementary offers. The data shows that loyal customers are 5x more likely to buy again, 4x likely to refer your brand to a friend, and even 9x more likely to try a new offering. 

Encourage your customers to return by offering a loyalty program Encourage your customers to return by offering a loyalty program  

4. Provide customer support

To build positive and lasting relations with your clients you must be a helpful guide throughout the whole customer journey. Nowadays, consumers expect real-time communication and almost instant feedback loops. By staying on top of customer interaction you get a chance to impress your potential buyers. 

While having staff available round the clock for small and medium-sized businesses may be almost impossible, there are solutions which can help you offer nearly 24/7 customer support. Begin with writing down clear and concise purchasing steps and FAQ pages, automate email notifications, and add a chatbot to your website which would answer simple questions. Finally, your integrated CRM will gather all customer requests in one place, so that your support team can respond as soon as possible.

Properly managed customer support allows your team to identify and mitigate potential problems before they escalate. When challenges arise but are communicated as they happen, customers will feel that you’ve taken steps to be transparent and this, too, will build their trust in your brand. 

Helpful support team is the key to providing great customer experience  Helpful support team is the key to providing great customer experience  

5. Get data-driven customer insights

By merging information from the booking/ordering app, customer database and CRM system you get valuable insights of the target group. Gathering all this data enables you to build buyer personas, plan sales strategies, analyse results of marketing campaigns and create forecasts for your future endeavours. 

Managing the data you already have allows you to know more about your customers, find out how they interact with your website, online store or marketing initiatives. It also shows what can be improved and which tactics are most effective in generating more leads for your business. 

Empowered with hard data, you will be able to optimise costs and make savings. You will minimise customer churn and prepare for sales peaks by making sure your stock is full and customer assistants are available. In the end, data-driven insights will lead you to increasing your revenue and expanding your business.


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