Aggressive behaviour management platform from Oslo

  • Mitigating challenging behaviour and learning self-defence with professional online video courses for Norwegian companies
  • The platform is licence-based. Companies can purchase access to an unrestricted number of users.

For safety's sake

Since 2016, Tatiana Penzo, a Norwegian clinical specialist in psychiatric nursing, has been conducting lectures on the prevention and management of violence at a workplace. Her courses are primarily dedicated to workers who can be exposed to immediate threats of violence and aggressive behaviour.

Such professionals as psychiatric hospitals staff or social workers are in daily contact with mentally ill, alcohol or drug addicts, gang members, juvenile offenders and many others. The aim of the courses is to teach those workers how to handle and prevent situations that put their own safety at risk.

Increasing awareness

Being aware of a threat is a precondition for managing and accommodating the other's behaviour and emotions. Tatiana teaches how recognising the early signs of aggression can help prevent a potential outburst of anger and tackle challenging behaviour, verbal or physical.

Learning what can be the background of violence and what is actually happening in the body during a surge of aggression can contribute to a better understanding of people with anger problems. What is more, being aware also means collective security which is crucial for good teamwork and safe working environment.

article_learning_platform_penzoTatiana Penzo provides video courses on violence prevention at a workplace

E-learning platform for the aid

For the last few years, Tatiana has been giving lectures, conducting workshops and training employees of numerous companies but she felt she needed some kind of a knowledge library which she could easily share with participants of the course even before the actual training would begin.

That’s why she came up with an idea of shooting instructional videos and asked Chimera Prime to develop an educational platform which would seamlessly complement her current work process. Thanks to a convenient admin panel, Tatiana can easily manage its users. The platform is licence-based and directed primarily to corporate clients. Companies can purchase access to an unrestricted number of users.

Learning through practice

Videos materials available on the platform show methods of dealing with potentially violent persons, ways of physical and verbal self-defence, recognition of emotions and anger moods, as well as include legal and psychological knowledge on the matter.

A considerable advantage of the platform is that apart from providing comprehensive theoretical knowledge, it also contains Tatiana’s exercises for real-life situations. Simulations include scenarios which can occur in a work environment are as authentic as possible. Through exercises, one can practice in safe surroundings how to recognise aggressive behaviour, act rationally and communicate adequately to the situation.

Certified course

After finishing the course participants receive a certificate of its completion. Tatiana is a well-known industry professional back in Norway, so undoubtedly the certificate will be a distinguishable and widely respected document soon. If you would like to find out more about this project go to:


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Written by
Daniel Durlak
Head of Communications at Chimera Prime

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