Digital lottery with GLI standards

  • Norwegians can try their luck in a new charity lottery.
  • The lottery meets GLI standards, GDPR and is Anti-Money Laundering compliant.
  • User experience and cybersecurity is the top priority for developers.

Winning with photos

SnapChance is the world's first digital lottery entirely based on entering images as tickets in the draw. One has a chance to win prizes up to 1.000.000 NOK (approx. €100.000). The lottery draws are linked with images uploaded by the player, who may choose to add his or her lucky photo to each ticket. When the winning ticket is presented, the winner's own image will be displayed.


Digital lottery for a good cause

The unique SnapChance digital lottery concept was developed and patented by the Norwegian company Multilot AS which specialises in IP and technology for games of chance. SnapChance supports Right To Play - an international humanitarian organisation. Right To Play's goal is to improve children's lives in developing countries. Half of the lottery income after prize pay-out goes to this charity.

SnapChance was approved by The Norwegian Gaming Authority and operates under a government license and according to EU regulations on privacy (GDPR) as well as the Anti Money Laundering Act. The lottery uses BankID for player authentication.

There is also a limit on how much each player can spend per day (1,500 NOK) and per week (3,500 NOK), an important measure against problematic gambling behaviour. Once these limits are reached, the player won’t be able to transfer more money to the game for the relevant period. Players can also take a test to check if they should worry about their gambling behaviour.



What was the challenge?

Chimera Prime was chosen by lottery operator as a partner to provide full technological support. This basically meant turning the lottery idea into a ready-made product. The task was pretty demanding and included a few challenges that we had to tackle on the way.

SnapChance is primarily a game for mobile phones but it can also be played on all other devices, be it tablets, laptops or desktop computers. Moreover, we had to work on a drawing mechanism that could meet the international standards and be certified by Gaming Laboratories International (GLI).

Another issue to handle were security matters. Making sure that all corners are covered in games involving payments is paramount. Not only did we have to provide secure digital wallets but also implement user identification based on BankID solution.



Gaining momentum

We had been working on the lottery development for over three years. It was a very fruitful time for the whole team and our client as well. We have gathered lots of experience in product development and also deepened our knowledge of the gaming industry.

We can chiefly say the results of our work are very satisfying. The lottery becomes more and more popular. New users join the platform every day and the number of lucky winners is growing.

SnapChance is available only in Norway, so if you live there you can go ahead and try your luck:


For more information on digital lotteries and game of chance you may want to visit our online gambling page.  

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