Co-parenting made easier with 2homes app

2homes improves communications, logistics and accounting between divorced parents. The mobile app includes child custody calendar, to-do lists, important events and expenses summary.

It's estimated that about 50% of US children will witness the breakup of parents marriage. Not surprisingly, the number of divorces in Europe is growing fast as well. There is no doubt that co-parenting is tough and has already become common in our times.

Children need stability, calm and security as they grow-up, and having to live in two homes at their tender age is stressful. Ex-partners should make their kids well-being a top priority. Yet, life brings many situations which lead to unwanted tensions and disagreements.


The most problematic cases are the ones when divorced couples stay hostile towards each other. Any compromise is hard to reach and even phone conversations over petty matters end up as quarrels.

Other scenarios may be less harmful in terms of negative emotions but still quite troublesome for the offspring. Let’s say separated parents are in consensus but have demanding or time-devouring jobs. Then even most basic childcare responsibilities become serious tasks.

Constantly changing schedules, important last minute meetings, urgent custody days swaps - all of this makes doing what is best for the child really challenging. How such situations could be avoided?


2homes founders Anette Akselsen and Ole-Tom Bugge, believe that by reducing conflicts, parents can fully focus on raising healthy and happy children. They wanted to provide divorced couples with a useful tool to run co-parenting smoothly. Chimera Prime team was asked to help founders turn that idea into a convenient digital solution.

As a result, we have developed a mobile co-parenting app with a range of features to organise child custody calendar, create to-do lists, share events and manage expenses. 2homes app allows co-parents to communicate with each other, share photos and upload important documents like school schedules, medical information or simply add kids’ favourite food recipes. One can also choose to include new partners in the app if needed.

What is more, there is a separate app for children called 2homes Kids. Here the offspring gets a simple calendar with a good overview of the upcoming events. The child does not see all communication between parents, for example, budgets and receipts that document purchases made on behalf of the child.

Children living in two homes will feel more secure when their parents cooperate. While the goal is not easy to reach, the app may come in handy on the way. If you wish to try it out, download 2homes on mobile app on the AppStore and Google Play. Apart from that one can also use the application via the official website:


Key results

  • Mobile app to organise child custody calendar, create to-do lists, share events and manage expenses
  • Separate app for children with a simpler calendar and overview of the upcoming events
  • Improved communications, logistics and accounting between divorced parents


2homes is the ultimate app for part-time parentsWith a shared calendar, a common cost overview and a separate calendar app for the children, parents have full control over all activities and shared expenses.

2homes makes communications, logistics and accounting between divorced parents much easier. Children living in two homes feel more secure when parents cooperate.