Modern Digital Marketing

Coupler needed to find a technical partner to help with HubSpot CMS implementation for their Clients. 

We looked for a solution to solve below problems:

  • Deliver fully working websites within 2-4 weeks
  • Fit development within the fixed budget
  • Keep flexibility and control on the HubSpot websites to handle all customer requests

Key results

  • We've created a reusable HubSpot template which can be quickly adjusted
  • Established a team to work closely with the Coupler team on the end customer success
  • Provide support & maintenance services within a working days

A few years ago, Coupler’s founding partners – Sigurd & Sigurd – noticed an underserved segment in marketing: Nordic tech-companies. Modern and innovative entrepreneurships who would require a specialist partner: An agency who truly understood tech-sales processes. After a Christmas party in a skyscraper in Warsaw, filled with nordic entrepreneurs, Coupler was born – and launched in 2017.