Intelligent predictions with sports data analytics platform

SportXpert is a platform and model for predicting the outcome of football events. The solution includes an AI prediction engine to assess the probability of winning.

We have developed a sports data analytics platform for our client - SportXpert. The platform provides full access to a vast amount of sports data. It includes statistics and high-probability predictions on football players and teams’ performance in the upcoming league standings, cups, international matches and tournaments.

The solution we build for our client includes an intelligent prediction engine which provides smart analyses of a team’s form. It assesses the probability of winning the game based on hard data like current performance, previous matches with the opponent, tactical style, home vs away game, and many other factors.

Customers get access to live match updates on goals, cards, fouls, player changes, injuries, and more. Users can also compare bookmakers offerings and choose the best odds. The solution includes instant updates on wagers proposed by leading sports betting providers.

case_study_sportxpert_prediction_engineUsers get access to statistics & predictions on players and football clubs

The scope of work

SportXpert presented its vision, and Chimera collaborated to make an app that would appeal to modern users. First, we drew out the bigger picture and then started to designed everything with the lead UX designer.

From there, the graphic designer did the final design for screens and the entire structure of the app. Once approved, the developers began coding to produce an MVP. The main focus of the application is to predict the outcome of sports events, in order to assist people that like to bet. 

While building the platform, we were heavily focused on delivering great user experience. We've analysed how people used the MVP, how long they spent on each page, number of clicks to reach a certain page, and more, in order to get a clear picture of the communication with the user. We had to comprehend the needs of the customer, study how to best reach them through the product. We took learning about betting very seriously.

Key results

  • Unique prediction based engine
  • Sports data analytics platform
  • Subscription-based access for betting providers and other outlets

SportXpert provides an intelligent prediction tool for sports results. The platform contains a huge database of match statistics, teams and players performance, historic data on tournaments, and insights for upcoming games.

The company also offers a unique bet optimisation. One can compare bookmakers' offerings and choose the best odds. SportXpert includes live updates on wagers proposed by leading sports betting providers.