Sweden's best sports tips magazine

Paper sports magazine goes through digital transformation and launches online. Readers can go straight from articles about betting odds to bookmakers sites.

As the media market is changing, Vi Tippa's readers want to get tips and game analyses much quicker. That’s why Vi Tippa decided to bring to life a way better user experience with its new digital-first approach.

Although going digital, Vi Tippa still wanted to stay true to its core values cultivated for so many years. Therefore, the choice of Chimera Prime as a product development partner was carefully thought over. There were a few challenges on the way that had to be taken into account, and only a devoted team could handle it right.

Building an online news portal was one thing but the magazine’s editors also needed a custom-made admin panel that would reflect their unique process of content creation. We spent quite some time on interviews, casual talks and product previews with Vi Tippa crew to get to the bottom of how their process really looks like.

When it goes to quality betting tips, content verification and spell check turned out to be equally important to writing articles. Last but not least, during the works on the project, the decision about rebranding has been reached. Vi Tippa needed a new brand identity that would match its entry into the digital era.


Vi Tippa Sports Magazine Platform

Vi Tippa’s modern news service was launched in August 2019. Users can access free sports articles after logging in. The only paid content concerns materials which include betting tips. One can choose from a variety of subscription options - from full package (online, e-magazine and print) to digital edition with a single sports category. It is also possible now to go straight from the article with betting odds to bookmakers sites.

Apart from that, the magazine has started cooperation with SportXpert, a partner which provides solid analytical tools and a vast database. As a result, subscribers have gained access to tons of historical data to back up their bets with even more statistical information.

Vi Tippa currently offers betting tips on major football leagues and harness racing but soon one can expect to see more sports. First to come is ice hockey and tennis. Sounds interesting? Go to the new website and find out for yourself what we did together: Vi Tippa.

Key results

  • Refreshed brand and fully digitalised online sports tips magazine
  • Multiple subscription options
  • Access to vast amounts of historical data
  • Custom admin panel


Vi Tippa is a modern betting magazine dating back to 1934. In the magazine, which comes out with 48 issues per year, where one can find the necessary information for winning bets on football and horses.

The betting tips service contains detailed analyses, the teams' last ten matches played, head-to-head meetings in the last ten years, as well as a compilation of all meetings since 1946 on each betting tips match.

One can also read detailed match reports for all matches in the Premier League and The Championship every week.