Tailor-made platform for Daily Fantasy Sports players

The Daily Fantasy market is growing fast

Daily Fantasy is an accelerated variant of traditional fantasy games that are conducted over short-term periods (such as a game week or single day of competition), as opposed to those that are played across an entire season. Daily Fantasy games are typically structured in the form of paid competitions typically referred as a pool/tournament. Winners receive a share of predetermined pot funded by their entry fees. A portion of entry fee payments go to the operator as rake revenue.

The market for Daily Fantasy is starting to grow in Europe, and there are now several different European operators in the market. Major US operators have also begun to focus on the European market. Soccer (football) is a very popular sport in Europe, and this is the sport the operators are focusing on.

The most popular league is the English Premier League (EPL). Free, seasonal fantasy games have been available in the market for many years, and the most popular game is the Fantasy Premier League game (FPL), with millions of users worldwide. A large proportion of FPL- users are from England and the Nordic countries, especially Norway.


Created by the players, for the players

As the market develops, more and more players become pro and look for tools to improve their skills and save time. The player selection for one team can be time-consuming but the struggle is getting real when a pro fantasy player wants to create and manage dozens of teams. 

Scanning through different websites and twitter-accounts for tips and statistics may be a nightmare. Therefore, Daily Fantasy Scout users get all the information they need in one place.

Daily Fantasy Scout (DFScout) started as a simple idea for improvement and getting better results which was caged inside spreadsheets. With time and experience the project evolved into a multitasking system and wiki for fantasy football players.


case_study_dfscout_platformDFScout platform works in web browsers on all devices


Thriving for the unique experience

Creating such a complex system required a design that would in the first place inspire trust of Fanteam site users - the biggest Daily Fantasy operator in Europe.

To achieve this we had to heavily focus on user experience. Easy access to data from every point of the system and the ability to compare data turned out to be the most critical functionalities for the players.

Our client wanted to offer users the easiest access to the resources as possible. Therefore, the platform had to work in web browsers. So the challenge was to get the feeling of using a desktop application, while actually designing for browsers. Maintaining common sense and remembering about all the limitations and differences in this approach had to be kept in mind.


Elevating the value

A large amount of data is not a measure of success. Only after validation and proper presentation it can provide value to users. Daily Fantasy Scout integrates many third party databases which require close cooperation. Achieving this synergy would be impossible for an individual player.

DFScout follows the teams and players of the Premier League closely, providing news, player stats, analyses, and tips. DFScout works as a scout to help users find players to improve their teams both in the FPL and Daily Fantasy games.


DFScout provides all statistics, tips and analyses for FPL players in one place

Keeping the score high

DFScout started with the most popular football league, the Premier League and focuses on both FPL and the daily fantasy tournaments provided by Scout Gaming Group, offered by operators such as Fanteam, Bethard, PAF, Betsson, W88 and any more.

They will also provide news, tips, player stats, analysis, and tools for other leagues, cups and tournaments. Expect more expert comments and tons of unique value content coming soon. Our client wants Daily Fantasy Scout not only to be a tool for professional gamers but also an entry point for more amateur fantasy sports fans.


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