July 13, 2021

How to use Albacross with HubSpot

How to integrate Albacross with HubSpot in three steps

Albacross is a platform for collecting intent data of website visitors to help businesses increase relevance and accelerate revenue. HubSpot users are now able to integrate this powerful tool with their CRM to provide the sales team with more quality client contacts in one place. In other words, from now on Albacross will send warm leads that have visited your website directly to your Hubspot CRM, enabling you to put your pipeline expansion on autopilot. Seems like smart marketing automation, right? Here's how to do it:

  1. Install the Albacross plugin

    The Albacross app is available in the HubSpot App Marketplace. It is a native integration that replaces the need to integrate via a third party and eliminates any potential issues with custom development. The app is free for Albacross users, so if you already have an account just go ahead and install it. 

  2. Set lead segmentation in Albacross

    If you are running a business that gets lots of attention and web traffic, you probably get a substantial volume of visitors. This is of course fine, if not desirable, but let’s be honest many of those visitors carry no value. So how to cut through the clutter? Fortunately, Albacross lets you create custom segments via filters. You can sift leads through industries, sizes, locations, time, duration or number of visits, and so on. Once you create a profile of good fit leads just head to Workflows and set redirection for this segment to HubSpot.

  3. Set sales flow in HubSpot

    When you set up a connection between Albacross and HubSpot, companies visiting your website will automatically appear in the CRM as Companies or Deals. You will also get enriched profiles with company information where available. Now you can assign the sales team members to take care of the warm leads by segmenting them further. For example, one sales rep may handle small and mid size companies, while the other large size businesses. There are plenty of options available, just choose those that fit your sales team’s needs.

article_hubspot_integration_albacross_pluginAlbacross integration is available in the HubSpot App Marketplace

Case study: a new customer on board

We have been using Albacross integration at Chimera Prime for quite a while and the method described above has already brought us a number of promising leads and clients. Here’s an example of how it worked for us (for discretion let's call our client the “X company”):

  1. Someone from the X company visited our website and searched through our services pages. The visit lasted more than 2 minutes. These were the filters we set for lead segmentation: interest in services and duration. Once these requirements were met Albacross added the X company to our HubSpot CRM. 

  2. Although the visitor did not leave direct contact details, Albacross was able to identify the name of the company and create a company profile with additional publicly available information.

  3. Our sales representative contacted the X company, and it turned out they were actually looking for IT services and were ready to meet with us to discuss the potential cooperation. 

  4. In three weeks time we had a new client on board. This wouldn’t be possible without Albacross, as we wouldn’t even know there was a purchase intention.

article_hubspot_integration_albacross_salesteamClearly defined and segmented customer profiles help the sales team focus on closing deals

What are the benefits of Albacross integration?

Good fit leads

Albacross integration means you no longer need to process leads manually. Your sales team can focus strictly on the most promising leads in the pipeline. It also reduces time spent on sorting and assigning prospects to your sales reps, as all of this can be done automatically. 

Knowing your prospects

Before your potential customers make a move, they usually spend a lot of time educating themselves on the purchase they are about to do. It means for the majority of the sales cycle they are anonymous to you. However, thanks to this integration, you can combine the company and contact data from Albacross with the visit data from HubSpot and get more insights about your lead ahead. Understanding your prospect will help you make an engaging conversation and propose an offer really tailored to their needs.

Better sales outreach

While each customer is different and requires an individual approach, reaching out to prospects is heavy on company resources and some automation of this process is always welcome. Albacross segmentation allows you to group leads based on your customer profiles, so when data reaches HubSpot, your sales team already knows how to handle leads - if prospects prefer email nurture campaigns, calls or highly personalised emails. You will know what action to take depending on their stage in the buying process. 


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