November 23, 2022

HubSpot & Cision integration

How to integrate Cision with HubSpot in a few steps?


Delivery document

To make such an integration, you will need a delivery document from Cision. It contains unique identifiers linked to publication flows. The flows, which come in XML and JSON format, include the mailings that a client sends to the "My Homepage" channel with Cision's press tool. By default, the Cision team set up an all-feed per language, containing all mailings that have been sent. Unique identifiers are necessary to fetch the feed into your website.

How to get the Cision news feed to a HubSpot module?

To get the newsfeed you will need to paste your unique identifier into the URL and then call the fetch function in your JS section in a HubSpot module. Actually, you will get two identifiers from Cision (first for JSON and second for XML), so choose whichever you want to use.

If you have not had your Cision feed yet, you can test HubSpot module with those demo feeds from Cision:


XML Feed


XML Detail Feed




JSON Detail Feed


You can add many search parameters to your URL to get exactly what you need. For example you can set startDate, endDate, tags, searchTerm, format (JSON, XML) or the detailLevel (base, medium, detail) but the last one works only with JSON format. You can also use pageIndex and pageSize if you want to make pagination in your module, which is recommended, because the feed can contain .pdf files and images, so fetching all of them at once could be inefficient.

Type of information and feed codes

You can also filter your feed to get the needed type of information. Cision uses special code for each type. In the table below you will find all codes for the information type variable.



Annual Financial Statement


Annual report / Annual accounts


Company Announcement / Press release


Interim Report







With so many filters and variables, you can easily build tables, statements, articles that will give your users and investors a quick overview of what is happening in the company. But you can do even more for your PR team by integrating a HubSpot module with Cision subscription form.

Cision Subscription with Google reCAPTCHA v2

To let users be up to date with your news you can integrate your HubSpot module with Cision Subscription functionality. You will need a subscription unique identifier from your delivery document to do it. Once you have it, the easiest way to integrate the form is to use the Cision example form as a starting point. You will find it at the end of this white paper.
There are a few subscription options like type of information, regulatory/non-regulatory, language, size (compact or normal) which the users can choose while filling the form. This will ensure they receive only the content they are interested in.

Cision uses reCAPTCHA v.2. on subscription forms so we need to integrate it as well. The endpoint supports both http and https. It is implemented to prevent bots from spamming the Cision endpoints or abusing the service. For clients who want to keep track of their subscribers, the use of reCAPTCHA will help to keep their subscriber data clear of spam.

You can make it work in a few simple steps:

  1. Generate reCAPTCHA site key and secret key on the client’s Google Account - link. (In the form, choose reCAPTCHA version 2 and add the domain of your website). You can add more than one domain.
  2. Add the reCAPTCHA script to your module using this line of code:
    <script src=''></script>
  3. Add the site key in the data attribute in your subscription form.
  4. Send the secret key to Cision and ask them to add it on their side.

That is all. After those few steps, your subscription will be protected from spam.

How to integrate HubSpot with Cision even faster?

If you need a HubSpot module integrated with Cision Feed or Subscription we have good news for you. We have actually already done it and the only thing you must do is contact us and we will deliver a ready-made drag & drop module for your website. If you have a Cision account and your feed already exists, the whole process should not take longer than an hour.

Take a look at the screenshot of our module customised for one of our clients. HubSpot CMS admins can change title, feed type (Press Releases, All Reports, Annual Reports), show or hide tags (All PR, Regulatory, Non-regulatory). Add a “See all” button to redirect to another page or use the show pagination feature to display all releases in the table without redirection. What is more, admins can change table styles. But if it is not enough, we can do more customisations in the module for you.


Here is an example of our Subscription form module with options to change subscription type, title, link field of redirects for success/fail pages:


Need a HubSpot module integrated with Cision Feed or Subscription? Feel free to contact us!


Cision Newsfeed white paper:

Cision Subscription white paper:

Cision Subscription demo: