Innovative accounting requires a modern brand and website

Innovative accountants 

Athene Group is an independent accounting company operating in several locations including Norway, Sweden and Poland. The company specialises in highly flexible and effective solutions that enable a high degree of accounting processes automation. Chimera Prime has developed a clean minimalistic website for them to match with Athene's branding and business mission.

Reinforcing the brand 

Athene wanted to rebrand after significant growth and a few acquisitions, hoping to define the brand and create a new website. Athene had worked with other web development companies but didn't build a strong relationship with any of them.

We have built on Athene's brand, also developing their home web page and blog. In the process, we have offered suggestions on how to structure the platforms, which was helpful because this isn't Athene's area of expertise.

case_study_innovative_accounting_brandingNew branding elements created for the website and general use 


New website and feeling

We have created the website from scratch, including the brand assets and new design. Our team was responsible for everything from content creation to programming features. Chimera work took Athene's vision for the look and feel into account, leaving them with a solidified brand to guide future presentations. 

case_study_innovative_accounting_websiteAthene Group's new modern look corresponds with its business goals

And beyond

The project hasn't ended with the launch of the website. Now we're helping with marketing, setting up advertisements, creating illustrations, and integrating new systems with the site.

Our teams engaged in helpful discussions that yielded strong end results. Athene's seeing continuous growth with new leads coming through their website. Seems that our ideas were well-informed and delivered good results in the end.

Want to see the new branding? Take a look here: Athene Group accounting partners website.


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