Online door sign creator for Norwegian homeowners

  • The online builder enables customers without tech skills to create personalised door signs.
  • Changes in design are visible on the screen instantly.
  • Customers can place an order straight from the app.

Designing unique door signs with 3D configurators

R. Bergersen Sikkerhet & Design company was looking for a solution to enable customers to create their custom door signs which are very popular in Norway. Our client noticed the potential of 3D graphic configurators and partnered up with us to apply this technology in his very own online door sign creator.

Before our cooperation kicked off, homeowners had to choose font, symbols, type and colours for the door sign and send this information via email to the sign manufacturing company (hoping there would be no mistakes during production).

Now, even customers without tech skills are able to design a door sign by themselves. What is more, users can modify all the finishing elements and instantly see how the sign looks like before making a purchase. This of course wasn't possible earlier. Our 3D configurator fits this purpose perfectly and works smoothly in most web browsers.

Online Door Sign CreatorOnline door sign creator works in web browsers on desktops and tablets

Make your own or use a template 

Together with the client we put a strong focus on providing an intuitive User Interface design to help users in the creation process. Of course not everyone has time to design their door sign from scratch. That's why we added ready-made templates that can be easily personalised if needed.

Check out the video below to see how it works and build your door sign here: online door sign creator demo


For more information on using 3D solutions for creative purposes you may want to visit our virtual and augmented reality or art & culture pages.  

Written by
Arkadiusz Szczerbiński
3D Real-time Graphic Designer at Chimera Prime

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