Why grow your business with HubSpot?

Scaling your business wisely


We’ve been working with fast growing companies for a while now, and no matter how innovative or groundbreaking their businesses are, they very often encounter similar bottlenecks that can limit their scaling and become serious challenges. While focused on developing their core product or service, companies tend to put less effort and emphasis on how to present and sell these products to the world.


To help our clients diagnose and overcome these obstacles, we provide our IT consulting expertise combined with HubSpot solutions like CRM and CMS. These marketing and sales software tools can be easily merged with the client’s existing infrastructure and bring tangible benefits from day one. 


When our client is scaling the business, we always advise to integrate all the marketing, sales and customer support activities. We help him to create one powerful platform that will link the efforts of all his teams or departments. Such a platform is fundamental for marketing automation, offering great user-centred experiences, getting customer feedback and having more profitable online presence overall.


Effective customer relationship management


To be successful online your marketing, sales and customer service teams must act fast and act together. To do so, they need empowering tools that can link their efforts. Creating a smart workflow and one source of information will help different teams make sure your customer is taken care of at each step of the buying journey. What's a better solution than a trusted CRM system from the market leader?


We’ve become a HubSpot partner to help our clients tie the loose ends when it comes to managing customer relations. Thanks to HubSpot CRM, teams get access to unified customer database, can build buyer personas, get insights on various customer groups, automate and personalise marketing campaigns, improve sales strategies, or make sure all customer inquiries are answered.

In short, you could benefit from use HubSpot CRM if you want to:

  • Organise and track customer communication
  • Create synergy between marketing, sales & customer service teams
  • Target and turn happy customers into growth
  • Deliver a frictionless customer experience


Boost your web performance with a smart CMS


By building websites integrated with HubSpot CMS (Content Management System), we enable our client’s marketing, sales and support teams to release their full potential. They can work smarter by dealing with all updates, maintenance and security via one intuitive platform. It frees them up to focus on higher impact work.


What is more, integrated CMS also supplies robust reporting to help our client make data-driven decisions. Thanks to insights based on solid data, marketers and content creators get work done by driving more prospects and turning them into customers.

Why use HubSpot CMS?

  • Make changes without web developer’s help
  • Grow and analyse traffic and leads
  • Use advanced SEO tools
  • Apply deeper personalisation for customers


HubSpot certified partners


Chimera Prime has become an official HubSpot partner because we see the benefits of HubSpot solutions for our clients. We build infrastructure our clients need to scale their businesses, while ensuring seamless customer experience on the go. We also equip all the customer-facing teams with a common set of tools, so they could coordinate their efforts.


If your business is struggling with growth, we can help you build engaging and data-driven websites to increase quality traffic. Your sales and marketing teams will get a smart CRM to improve their workflows, and customer support teams will keep up to date with all product feedback and inquiries to provide excellent customer experience.

Wondering which packages do you need?

Chimera Prime can guide you through HubSpot solutions and help you choose and implement the ones that are suited for your business. Just click on the "book a consultation" button in the top menu and get a free online call with us.


For more information on how to grow your business through digital solutions you may also want to view our digital transformation or private sector services.